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"One of a kind ART"

ALL images with-in this site have been taken and edited by
Neptune Negative 
Every image is under copyright 
Prints and photo items available for purchase!
-click desired image for print options-

Neptune Negative is a tiny, one woman operation fueled entirely by its own momentum
I am the artist, photographer, author, editor, purchaser, web designer, head of marketing, mail room supervisor, office manager, social media administrator, inventory executive and financial lender.
Production is highly influenced by support

* New Art posted EVERY FRIDAY *
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In constant need of:
illustrated books and magazines (especially favored: sci-fi, fantasy and vintage design) 
Wooden Tables (coffee, end, dinning)
Scrap wood, planks, boards
ANY crafting materials: Epoxy resin, Fabrics, paint, dyes, jewelry, clock works, ect.
Clocks and String instruments, especially guitars of any quality
Always looking to try new materials
ALL donations will be appreciated and used

Contact us to schedule a pick up ~

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