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is a tiny, quarantine born, one-woman company built on resourcefulness and creative ingenuity.

Like most others born with a natural asthetic talent, I've spent the majority of my life exploring the vast world of artistic technique. Having pursued a Fine Art degree at a state university it became abundantly clear a 2 dimensional  art career in a technologically obsessed society was not at all practical. Since then, all of my artistic endeavors have remained strictly personal ... Until 2020,

With a need to replace income, unlimited "studio time", an absence of distraction and a giant pile of hoarded cool stuff, I am finally able to live out my childish dreams.   

With no other investment but profit, Neptune Negative is 100% fueled by its own momentum.


Starting out, I used what I already had lying around... a perfectly good camera, a drab side table, a towering stack of illustrated literature, a lap top for research, editing images and building this humble website and most importantly the nagging desire to turn everything I see into my own kind of art. The profit made from these sales replenish my budget and allow me to expand the business little by little.

Always seeking the absolute lowest price on new materials, I relying on yard sales, second hand stores and donations. Turning other people's perfectly good " trash" into beautiful, one f a kind art pieces. 

Enjoy and Thank you for your interests

it is GREATLY appreciated!


                                                                                                  - Cristina Fernandez

                                                                                                                                                Neptune Negative owner and artist

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